Contemporary Literacy in Contemporary Kids

Colegiul Tehnic Mihai Bacescu (Romania)

4We are an education institution – EDU-SCHVoc – S3, located in the NE region, and serving about 30 villages in Suceava county.  In the context of the economic decline and high unemployment rate in our region, the school offers initial training in the theoretical and technological domain, and is a provider of continuing training programs for adults. Among the fields of study are science, computers, electronics and automation, mechanical, electromechanical and textile industry, as well as tourism and services.

Being a three-time winner of the outstanding ‘European School’ award in 2007, 2010 and 2013, our institution offers high standard educational services at national and European level. We aim at developing the values and professional competences in our students that fully correspond to the European values of citizenship and democratic society.

Our high school is well acknowledged by local and regional economic organizations, the local community and other schools in the N-E region and in the whole country. For example, in 2001, our school was selected as a national resource centre in the field of textiles by the National Centre for Vocational and Technical Educational Development (NCVTED).  We were in charge of the partnership network No 12 in the project called “Quality Improvement in Education and Professional Training through Partnership Network“.

The purpose of our didactic activity implies training pupils in a certain professional domain and also forming citizens capable of living in a multicultural and tolerant society which bears respect to environmental aspects. Our pupils are taught to respect gender equality in their families, at workplace and in social life, to live as European citizens and be responsible for the professional self-development. All these aims can only be achieved by means of an extended collaboration among all the agents involved in the process of education and formation of the pupils, from local to European level.

Our school brings in competence in quality of education and modern learning environments. The responsibility for the sustainability of our project outcomes lies with our school.

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