1. Digital and technology literacy
  2. Information and media literacy
  3. Political and intrcultural literacy

More About This Project

A Resource Book for Creative Teachers

A strategic partnership funded by the Erasmus+ programme

An initiative of Tartu Tamme Gymnasium on various essential 21st century literacy skills

Project Manager: Triin Lingiene

Central themes: digital and technology literacy; information and media literacy; political and intercultural literacy

Presentations, group discussions, workshops, open classes and the like

Underlying themes: constructing new knowledge; problem based learning; effective (online) communication; intercultural awareness; effective teamwork

2015 ‒ 2017

Six transnational learning, teaching and training events

Colegiul Tehnic Mihai Bacescu (Romania); CFPIMM (Portgal); C.E. Rivas Luna (Spain); Tartu Tamme Gymnasium (Estonia); 10iCampus (Denmark) and Tevfik Seno Arda Anadolu Lisesi (Turkay)