1. Language with film
  2. Content with language
  3. Effective learning with ICT

More About This Project

A strategic partnership funded by the Eramus+ Programme

Promoting innovative practices, digital competences, and a comprehensive approach to language learning and teaching

Project manager: Triin Lingiene

Central themes: Human Dignity & Freedom; Humanity & Democracy; The Rule of Law & Human Rights

Presentations and debates; round-tables and seminars; cultural and sporting activities

Underlying themes: film literacy, European values, meaningful language learning

2019 – 2022

Two short-term teacher training events and three short-term exchanges of groups of pupils

Five partner schools: C.E. Rivas Luna (Spain), Maria-Goretti-Sekundarschule (Belgium), Tartu Tamme Gümnaasium (Estonia), 10i Campus (Denmark) and Wilhelm-Leibl-Schule (Germany)