Contemporary Literacy in Contemporary Kids

10iCampus (Denmark)

6We are a part of Varde Campus, which is an inspiring educational environment for both students and employees, where the institutions can cooperate and evolve synergy. This inspirational synergy of 10iCampus can be enjoyed both innovatively and professionally. At Varde Campus you can attend 10iCampus, Varde Gymnasium (high school/upper secondary school), Varde Business School or a Centre for Adult Teaching (VUC).

10iCampus has 165 students, aged 16-18, and 14 teachers.  It is a department of Sct. Jacobi Skole, which is a primary and lower secondary school for 7-16-year-olds, situated in downtown Varde.

10iCampus’ vision is based on a coherent view of human nature. So we seek to teach the students to be ready to choose the right youth education in a confident, creative and interesting educational environment. We aim at improving the students’ personal, social and scientific approach towards daily learning. And we want our students be ready to choose the right youth education after the optional school year at 10iCampus.

At 10iCampus we want to teach our students to become responsible European citizens with great intercultural competences. Therefore we cosider international dimension in our teaching very important. Our INTERNATIONAL LINE includes English, German, Social Studies, and History. The average number of students at this line is 50, and they are taught by four teachers who are engaged, active and highly skilled both didactically and educationally. 10iCampus also pays a lot of attention to supporting their teachers’ intercultural competences. In that way, the school can live up to the vision of 10iCampus by nurturing the students’ personal, social, and professional interests and levels with great care.

A consolidation and a constructive continuation of new established contacts with teachers and schools outside Denmark are expected both as online class management, but also as mutual constructive professional visits. This will develop 10iCampus’ international strategy/ European development plan in the best possible way.

10iCampus brings in expertise in international affairs and politics, and we are responsible for the dissemination activities of this partnership.

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