Contemporary Literacy in Contemporary Kids


  • Are traditional and progressive views on education mutually exclusive or inclusive?
  • Should teachers foster equal outcome or equal opportunity?
  • Is personal experience more important than expert knowledge?

Click on the heading to find out how we’ve answered these and many other important  questions related to modern school.


We’ve recorded some of the great moments of our transnational activities on video, so that you could enjoy them, too.  Feel the way the participants clicked! Feel a true spirit of European collaboration!


In our partnership context, impact means that our project outcomes will have a high potential to bring about long-term changes in partner schools and their communities.

First and foremost, those directly involved will have a chance to take advantage of their new insights, and share their experiences with as many as possible.

We’ve decided to reflect on our new understandings in form of a blog, and keep writing for at least for two more years.  With every post we make, the impact of this project will show.