Contemporary Literacy in Contemporary Kids

Tartu Tamme Gümnaasium (Estonia)

2We are a state-funded comprehensive school, currently with 430 students and 35 teachers, providing education on advanced secondary level. The school is situated in Tartu –  our university town and the second largest city in Estonia.

The students at Tartu Tamme Gümnaasium (TTG) can choose among five fields of study: natural sciences, medical sciences, technological sciences, information technology and cultural studies. TTG is especially experienced in teaching science and technology. The school is well equipped – there are 40 computers in a computer lab, 59 laptops and 32 iPads, excellent Internet connection, a very modern science lab and several sports facilities.

TTG has long-term cooperation contracts with Tartu University, Tallinn Technical University, Tartu Health Care College, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu Environmental Education Centre, Oskar Luts House Museum and the science centre AHHAA. We have been organizing non-formal science activities for the yearly cross-European Researchers’ Night in Tartu for quite some years now.wp_20160926_001

The TTG development plan pays close attention to curriculum improvements, modern teaching methods and professional advancement. For example, educational staff are currently working on redesigning the curriculum in order to reduce students’ workload and offer them a wide variety of elective classes in areas of interest.

Also, our teachers are encouraged to engage in numerous science and technology related learning and teaching activities in order to practically adopt the latest, preferably high-tech teaching methods.wp_20160928_002

TTG intends to consolidate a greater pan-European perception in the school’s development activities by supporting all sorts of transnational cooperation.  The school feels that it is crucial for the students to learn to appreciate the plurilingual and multicultural essence of the European Union, hence, to raise their intercultural awareness and to practice foreign languages. To this end, participating in transnational strategic partnerships is of considerable significance.

We bring in expertise in initiating and running European partnerships, so we  are  responsible for the coordination of this partnership.

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