Contemporary Literacy in Contemporary Kids

Students and teachers at a crossroads

You cannot put this into words. You just have to know how it is.
And so, lord, what you are reading there is only the dirt they left behind them.

The Way of Chuang-Tzŭ  by Thomas Merton

We understand that the art of teaching is dramatically changing. Like all other teachers, we’re changing, too.  To explain this change is sometimes quite impossible. Still, we’re quite sure about the following:

  1. We’d like to change the way our students learn and teachers teach.
  2. Innovation is great, but traditional approaches to education are valid, too.
  3. We believe in a learning-centred school.
  4. Going digital won’t improve learning outcomes unless the principles of self-regulation and cognitive effort are applied.
  5. We stand for student and teacher autonomy.

We’ll be regularly reflecting on these five ideas as the project unfolds. Along the way, new discoveries as well as unexpected drawbacks are highly likely. Nevertheless, we’re looking forward to all these meaningful learning experiences, for we know that they’ll help us become better at what we do.

The CLICK team