Contemporary Literacy in Contemporary Kids

The synergy between the new and the traditional in education

Technological improvements have affected educational environments as it does in every field of our lives. As a physics teacher, I have been happily enjoying the benefits of technological equipment, such as smart boards, 3D writers and software as well. For example, my students started to understand abstract topics more easily when I use simulation programmes. Besides, they can see the product of the calculations and equations when they produce a model with a 3D writer by using those equations. These technological devices and software have become an important element in education, but I also think that traditional methods, even note taking instead of copying a text from a web page, have preserved their importance in education.

I believe that we can move to a higher understanding and capacity by improving our digital and technology literacy. On the other hand, we should keep the strong points of our long-life teaching and learning techniques. All in all, we should select the beneficial methods of the new and the traditional, and combine them according to the features and aims of our lessons. There is no totally bad or totally good method in education.

By Selda Elmas (Teacher of Physics)

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